Prevention and Early Detection in Health and Social Care

This theme aims to address health inequalities and to work with local communities and health and social care organisations to develop and evaluate prevention and early detection strategies.

This theme aims to:

  • Identify and address ways to support different populations and potentially vulnerable groups to sustain their health and wellbeing.
  • Better understand how to help key groups to recognise, at the earliest opportunity, signs of illness or disease in themselves and others and to take action.
  • Work with local communities and health and social care staff to develop and evaluate strategies for early detection and referral to services, based on research evidence.
  • Clarify the currently under-determined distinction, which is crucial for effective policy and care, between population screening, targeted screening, proactive and reactive early detection strategies.

We will frame our work around conditions of practical concern to our partner organisations, local policy makers and local communities.

Access the PEDHSC Theme Logic Model here

The overarching theme priorities are:

  1. Addressing inequalities
  2. Systems and determinants of health, care and wellbeing

Current priority areas for research:

  • Diet, obesity and malnutrition
  • Infection control
  • Cancer
  • Carers’ health and wellbeing