Dementia Postdoctoral Researchers

The next generation of researchers investigating how to improve services and care for people living with dementia will benefit from increased funds to develop their careers.

In July 2022, NIHR ARC East of England received £486,000 from a national funding award to support early career researchers working on applied health and care research for dementia.

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, awarded the funding with the intention to strengthen capacity and capability in dementia health and care research across all 15 NIHR Applied Research Collaborations (ARCs).

NIHR ARC East of England multiplied the national funding by combining it with co-funding from our university partners: University of Cambridge/Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre, University of Hertfordshire, University of East Anglia and University of Essex. As such, we have appointed five full time postdoctoral researchers and an additional two part time postdocs. 

The postdoctoral researchers are exploring a range of areas in applied dementia research. Our fellows are:  

  • Dr Tamara Backhouse joined ARC East of England at the University of East Anglia as a fellow in November 2022. Dr Backhouse is working on research to improve personal care interactions and reduce refusals of care for people living with advanced dementia. 
  • Greg Windle joined ARC East of England as a fellow at the University of Hertfordshire in February 2023. He is investigating interactions between acute care, community care and home care for dementia-friendly communities. 
  • Dr Anna Jane Dreyer joined ARC East of England as a fellow in March 2023 and is working on a project in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Cambridge. Her project will investigate the effect of deprivation in the dementia syndromes associated with frontotemporal lobar degeneration and Parkinson's disease.  
  • Dr Clare Hammerton joined as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Public Health and Wellbeing, University of Essex in March 2023. Her research is at the early stages of development and will focus on meaningful involvement of people and carers, the impact of arts and culture, collaborative multi-agency partnerships and holistic community models of support.   
  • Dr Smruti Bulsari joined ARC East of England at the University of Essex, as a Research Fellow in April 2023. Smruti plans to explore the dementia care strategies of different countries in the context of dementia prevalence and take an in-depth study around the dementia care strategy in the UK. 
  • Dr Megan Davies joined ARC East of England at the University of East Anglia, as a Senior Research Associate in April 2023. Megan plans to explore how prehabilitation/rehabilitation can be implemented as a person-centred activity for people living in care homes, including for those with dementia.

Regional Programme Lead: Professor Eneida Mioshi, NIHR ARC East of England Academic Career Development Lead