Louca-Mai Brady

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Louca-Mai Brady is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC), University of Hertfordshire, where she leads a programme of research around children and young people’s involvement in health and care services and research, including the Herts young people’s research advisory group.

She has worked in the field of children and young people’s involvement for many years, as a researcher and public involvement facilitator and advisor. Her research interests include young people's participation in health and social care research and services, disability, and qualitative and participatory research. She is linked to the ARC East of England Prevention and Early Detection in Health and Social Care and Inclusive Involvement themes. Her ARC-affiliated projects include an embedded ethnography evaluation of weight management services and an evaluation of a service which aims to improve the mental health of young people through physical activity.   Twitter/X: @Louca_Mai