Margaret Greenfields


Margaret Greenfields, is the Professor of Social Policy in the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Social Care (HeMS) at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). Margaret’s background as a policy professional, (who initially trained as a community lawyer with a particular interest in family law and homelessness) underpins her research, consultancy, teaching and evaluation activities as an academic. She has worked extensively in the field of social inclusion both in the UK and internationally; including undertaking commissioned work for Government departments, civil society agencies and statutory health and social care providers. She retains a particular focus on the interplay of policy design and implementation and how these elements impact the social determinants of health as experienced by populations whose voices are often ‘silenced’.

The work of Margaret and her team engages with two ARC themes: Prevention and Early Detection in Health and Social Care and Inclusive Involvement in Research for Practice Led Health and Social Care; building upon her long history of  undertaking collaborative research around health policy and professional practice with communities at risk of marginalisation, racism and ‘othering', including Romani Gypsy, Traveller, Roma, Showmen and Boater communities; LGBT+ people of faith; Refugees and Asylum seekers; Homeless people and diverse Inclusion Health groups.