Lisa Whiting

Associate Dean Research and Associate Professor

Dr Lisa Whiting is Associate Dean Research and Associate Professor [Research] in the School of Health and Social Work at the University of Hertfordshire. Her professional background is as both an adult and children's nurse who worked within a paediatric critical care setting for several years. Since moving to a university environment, Lisa has been involved in the teaching and assessment of undergraduate and postgraduate students across a range of academic levels, including doctoral studies.  Lisa completed a doctorate in 2012, her work used a photo-elicitation approach to gain insight into children’s wellbeing; since then, she has led several research projects that have spanned a range of child health issues and that have had a strong focus on the involvement of, and the voice of, children, young people and their families. Other research has had an educational remit and has centred on the enhancement of learning for nurses working within areas of child health and children’s nursing. Current and recent projects include: Evaluating the safeguarding training delivered to frontline staff; The components of different staffing models that improve nurse and patient outcomes in critical care; Evaluating the use of infant simulation dolls and their capacity to enhance parenting ability in first-time expectant parents; Gaining insight into food, diet practices and nutrition during the early year’s lifespan; The experiences of student nurses during and post pandemic; Exploring neonatal nurses’ and parents’ understanding of factors that enhance and hinder communication. LW’s research involvement has included both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches; she has disseminated her work widely via publications and presentations.

Lisa is supervising doctoral students whose research focusses on aspects of nursing, health and wellbeing.