Mental Health Over the Life Course

This theme aims to reduce social and health inequalities for people with mental health difficulties, especially in communities with high health needs.

Mental health problems affect people’s social and working life. For example, half of those claiming Employment and Support Allowance report mental health difficulties. We will investigate ways to support jobseekers and people working in NHS and social care organisations who have emotional and wellbeing problems.

People with serious mental illnesses also tend to have shorter life expectancy due partly to discrimination.

We will:

  • build a research infrastructure to fill the damaging gap between physical and mental health services.
  • work to improve identification of children’s and young people’s emotional and wellbeing problems that often continue into adulthood.

Theme Projects

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Mental Health Implementation Network

The Mental Health Implementation Network (MHIN) aims to drive national collaborations and changes in mental health practice and is funded by the NIHR for three years from October 2020. The Network is a collaboration of service users, local communities, health and care providers, commissioners and a range of regional and national stakeholders, including charities and local government. Our NIHR ARC East of England is working closely with the lead - NIHR ARC South London, as well as the other 13 ARCs nationally.

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Mental Health Over the Life Course Fellows

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