Anna Moore


Dr. Anna Moore

 Clinical Lecturer of Child Psychiatry at University of Cambridge

Dr Anna Moore is a Clinical Lecturer of Child Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. She is PI of an MRC Adolescent Mental Health Engagement Award which is developing a tool for the early identification of mental health problems in children and young people. To enable this work, Anna is creating a regional linked data resource including information about health, education, social environment and biological factors such as genetic information. The tool will be developed in an identifiable data environment, meaning it will have direct application within local health systems – part of her work is with the Department of Engineering to explore how taking a ‘Systems Thinking’ approach to design will enable better implementation and take-up of the tool within health and care systems. Anna is also currently PI of the NIHR Applied Research Collaborative North Thames’ national evaluation of i-THRIVE, which is exploring how best to deliver whole system, integrated mental health care for children and young people through a 20-site case-control study of its’ implementation. Anna started developing predictive models as part of her PhD, which identified which mental health patients were more likely to have a longer length of stay in emergency departments. Prior to moving to Cambridge, Anna was Director of Mental Health at UCL Partners where she developed and delivered a strategic plan to improve mental health for a population of four million by taking a system-wide approach supported by data and informatics. During this time she was an NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow and created and led the national CAMHS transformation programme, i-THRIVE.