Population Evidence and Data Science

In partnership with the other ARC themes, this theme aims to significantly add to the evidence base and apply evidence on using data in the best way to understand population health needs and outcomes. 

Community engagement will underpin this theme to support evidence-driven local population health action. The PEDS theme aims to bring together researchers at the University of Cambridge, HealthWatch organisations and Public Health England (PHE) to explore how local communities are involved in the drive to establish linked health and care records. It aims to develop shared meaning and guide engagement with the use of health and care data for research – essential building blocks for a vibrant and inclusive infrastructure for applied health and care research. 

We will do this by using innovative methods in identifying, developing and sharing innovative methods relating to population health; data linkage to support and influence the establishment and use of linked data sets to inform population health research and developing the evidence base on vulnerable populations at risk of poor health with a focus on the use of population health data to improve outcomes.

Current projects

  • PEDS01: Using data to improve health: are the public engaged? 
  • PEDS02: Evidencing the Social Return on Investment of Age Friendly Community Initiatives


Researchers and institutions

Dr Louise Lafortune, University of Cambridge

Dr Anna Moore, University of Cambridge

Dr John Day, HealthWatch Essex

Mr Andy Yacoub, HealthWatch Suffolk

Mr Alex Stewart, HealthWatch Norfolk

Ms Sandie Smith, HealthWatch Cambridgeshire, HealthWatch Peterborough

Dr Sian Evans, Public Health England

Professor Carol  Brayne (Advisor) University of Cambridge

Professor Peter Jones ((Advisor) University of Cambridge


For more information on our work please contact:

Dr Louise Lafortune, University of Cambridge,