Informing VALues-based practice in persistent Depression: The i-VALiD project-MH20

The i-VALid project aims to create an evidence base to inform the development and commissioning of a specialist service for persistent depression using a Values-based practice approach. Values-based practice ensures clinical provision is driven by three equal domains: patient and carer perspective, clinical expertise and best evidence.

The first phase of the study will identify the Values-based outcomes and economic processes that are currently established within the literature for persistent depression. A narrative review will explore the outcomes that capture what patient and carers feel is important to recovery. A systematic review will draw on the expertise from health economic researchers and examine the cost evaluations of treatment for persistent depression.

The second phase will use mapping techniques and service evaluation to assess the current pathways for persistent depression in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. This will include an analysis of the Values-based practice principles currently embedded in those pathways, as well as highlighting potential limitations and barriers emerging from practice.