Health Economics and Prioritisation in Health and Social Care

People need and want more and more from health and social care, while funding is limited. Research in this theme will help health and social care services deliver the greatest benefit possible from public funding. 

We will:

  • produce information on the costs and outcomes of different forms of treatment and care. This will help all groups of people – from public to the government – make better decisions when selecting among various options.
  • use and develop 'best practice' methods for analysing costs and a wide range of patient-centred outcomes.
  • increase and strengthen connections between the different parties interested in health economics and prioritisation (HEP), helping to share findings, and increasing the impact of HEP research in the East of England and beyond.

If you have a project that you think could benefit from a health economic component, please contact a member of the team (links below) to discuss further, or email: