Smruti Bulsari

NIHR Dementia Postdoctoral Researcher

Smruti Bulsari

Smruti joined ARC East of England at the University of Essex, as a Research Fellow in April 2023. She previously worked with ESRC Business and Local Government Data Research Centre in the University of Essex, where her research involved quantitative approaches to a wide range of studies in the social science domain, including health. She was involved in coordinating and guiding research projects on examining geographical inequalities in the prevalence of prostate cancer in Colchester, and on developing a model for predicting migraine episodes. Before joining the University of Essex, she has a undertaken research in the area of policy implications and interventions for a wide spectrum of health issues in India: menstrual hygiene practices, malnourishment, region-specific endemic diseases, like malaria, falciparum, filariasis, dengue and chikungunya, and on tuberculosis, blindness control, and sickle cell anaemia. 

Dr Bulsari undertakes research broadly in the domain of social sciences, human development, and development economics in the context of vulnerable people. She implements data science tools and techniques for her research, including text analytics, and she also has a wide experience of collecting data through survey research. 

She plans to explore the dementia care strategies of different countries in the context of dementia prevalence and take an in-depth study around the dementia care strategy in the UK.