Project PEDHSC18

Insight into families and adults in relation to the prevention and management of weight gain

The University of Hertfordshire are working with BeeZee Bodies (BZB) to provide strategic advice and support on the development of co-production in BZB services and undertake embedded ethnography research.

Summary of project

BeeZee Bodies (BZB) is an ARC East of England partner organisation who provide weight management and prevention services in several counties, for children, families and adults. BZB have been commissioned to expand their services in a range of new areas, including funding from the Department of Health and Social Care to deliver new behaviour change support services in Birmingham, the south west and four London boroughs with high deprivation and high numbers of households from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

The project involves the university:

  • Providing strategic advice and support in working towards coproduction
  • Providing training and support for BZB staff in qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Bringing academic insight into BZB’s work as ‘embedded ethnographers’

Research questions

  • How can BZB achieve successful outreach work with communities?
  • What insights can be gathered from working with ‘end users’?
  • How can evidence and insights be utilised to shape and influence service development?
  • What are the barriers and facilitators to co-production?
  • What level and type of planning, training, skills and input are required to develop and undertake co-production with communities, at scale?

Project activity

Strategic advice and support in working towards coproduction and providing training and support for BZB staff in qualitative data collection and analysis as above.

The ‘embedded ethnography’ involves university staff:

  • Attending BeeZee Bodies meetings and events in order to observe, reflect, question and/or advise.
  • Conducting debriefing sessions after training and other events.
  • Conducting semi structured qualitative interviews and focus groups with staff, commissioners, service users and other stakeholders.

Researchers and institutions

Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC), University of team: