Project PEDHSC22

Developing a co-designed intervention to increase COVID-19 vaccination confidence among young people and their parents in the Black African and Caribbean communities in Watford

This project is a collaboration between members of Hertfordshire Public Health Connect. 

Daksha Trivedi and Claire Thompson (UH) are supporting colleagues at Community Development Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire County Council, Watford Borough Council, and Healthwatch to design and deliver a consultation on vaccine confidence in in 12-16 year old children and their parents among the African / Caribbean community in Watford.



The risk of dying from Covid-19 is higher in those living in the more deprived areas, and higher in those in ethnic minority groups, including Black African and Black Caribbean, non-British White, and some Asian groups such as those with Pakistani/Kashmiri heritage. Some of these groups are also seeing lower take-up rates of vaccines at present than the rest of the population, posing further risk to their health and wellbeing.

Watford has a diverse population with pockets of deprivation.

Three quarters of over 12 year olds in Watford have received their first vaccination, more than two thirds have had two doses and over a quarter have had three.  However, relatively large proportions of young people remain unvaccinated.  This is particularly the case for the Black, Pakistani and Other White communities.

Project aims

To co-design and co-develop strategies/solutions to increase Covid-19 Vaccine confidence among young people and their parents in Black African and Caribbean populations in Hertfordshire.

  • Phase 1:  Form a network of diverse collaborators from the Black African and Caribbean communities
  • Phase 2: Identify the behavioural insights that will be used to design educational interventions
  • Phase 3: Produce guidance on culturally appropriate educational interventions

Integrate the above with feedback from local community.


Next steps

  • Approaching community leaders and stakeholders
  • Organising discussion groups with stakeholders to identify  knowledge, attitudes, barriers, facilitators, and perceived solutions for vaccine confidence and uptake

Researchers and Institutions

  • Daksha Trivedi, University of Hertfordshire
  • Claire Thompson, University of Hertfordshire 
  • Ludovico Nocco and Anna Baker, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Sharon Bailey, Watford Borough Council
  • Natasha Austin and Chloe Carson, Hertfordshire Healthwatch
  • Kate Belinis, Community Development Hertfordshire


Contact us

Daksha Trivedi,