Right to Health for Gypsies, Travellers, Roma and Showmen families -IIRP05

Short summary

We are developing a research proposal together with Gypsy, Roma and Travellers in the East of England, as well as representative organisations and health workers.  We have secured funding to make sure that individuals and charities are paid for their time. 


We should all be able to access the healthcare and medical treatment we need. But Gypsies, Roma and Travellers have more health problems than most and more difficulty accessing appropriate care. We think research can help this to change.

Project aims 

  • To understand the barriers to accessing healthcare for GRT community and, through co-production with community members and healthcare providers, identify how barriers might be resolved.
  • To achieve this we plan to develop relationships with members of the GRT community, as well as relevant other stakeholders, to co-produce a research proposal and co-design appropriate research methods. 

Project activity

There will be one-to-one and group discussions with Traveller site residents, community representatives, and advocates to develop the research questions, methods, and opportunities for involvement.

We intend to talk to all of these people on the phone and online, one to one and in small groups, with:

  • Gypsies, Roma and Travellers 
  • Gypsies & Travellers Essex (GATE), Compas, Oblique Arts 
  • Nurses, health visitors and other health workers

We are collaborating publicly on a Miro Board so that everyone with access to a smart device can see what's happening. We are ALSO inviting comments and advice from a range of national organisations.  


We plan to submit a proposal based on this preliminary work to NIHR for funding. 

The intention is to develop a new framework for meaningfully involving these community groups, in order to improve their access to health and social care, and medical treatment.

The project will then work with the implementation leads within the East of England ARC to identify how to implement research findings, in order to improve GRT community access to health and social care services.

Who is involved?

PI: Prof Gill Green 

Sally Burrows

Researchers and institutions

Essex and Hertfordshire