News & Latest 23.03.2021

Anticipatory Prescribing for adults at the end of life

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the practice of Anticipatory Prescribing; more terminally ill patients are having end-of-life care at home and in care homes. This upward trend of deaths in community settings will continue in coming years, as the population ages and more people die from chronic life limiting conditions.  Although Anticipatory Prescribing is recommended practice in the UK, and a number of other countries, the evidence base to support this common practice is unclear.
Researchers in the ARC EoE Palliative and End of Life Care Theme and Palliative & End of Life Care Group in Cambridge (PELiCam) are leading a programme of research concerning Anticipatory Prescribing to help inform evidence-based clinical practice.
Please read the full case study here