Article 22.03.2021

The Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Eating in the East of England: Policy Briefings

We are pleased to announce the launch of four policy briefings related to food and eating during the Covid-19 pandemic. The findings and recommendations presented in these policy briefings are based on a study from researchers of the Prevention and Early Detection in Health and Social Care Theme at the University of Hertfordshire: The Impact of COVID-19 on Food and Eating in the East of England. Since May 2020, we have interviewed East of England residents, community stakeholders and professionals involved in food provision about how people across the region are managing with their food and how they are being supported locally.

Each policy briefing is tailored to one of four population groups and includes policy recommendations for their specific needs in relation to food and health inequalities:

  1. Mothers with Infants
  2. Families with School-aged Children
  3. People Living with Health Conditions
  4. Older People

Access a PDF document with all four briefings here