Event 23.06.2023

STOPPING study event

About this event

This event will explore the topic of deprescribing and medicines optimisation for older people living in care homes.
It will be chaired by Dr Krystal Warmoth, Senior Research Fellow, University of Hertfordshire.
The event will include a presentation about the findings from the Understanding Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Implementing Deprescribing in Care Homes (STOPPING) study. The study explored how the implementation of deprescribing in care homes can enable best practice and resident care. It was funded by NIHR and supported jointly by the Applied Research Collaborations (ARCs) for the East of England and South West Peninsula.
Following this presentation, there will be a discussion about lessons from the STOPPING study and crucial challenges regarding deprescribing and medicine optimisation in care homes (such as, what needs to be in place for this to become embedded practice).

Who can attend?

This event is open to anyone who has an interest or role in deprescribing and medicines optimisation in care homes. There will be no cost to attend and travel will be reimbursed.


Room 5, National Council for Voluntary Organisations Society Building, 8 All Saints St, London,  N1 9RL

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