Prevention and early detection in health and social care

Prof. Wendy Wills, Prevention and Early Detection Theme Lead is leading research with Public Health England regarding the health, wellbeing and care needs of those aged 70+ in the community and the systems that can support those needs. Prof. Wills added that ‘food access and nutrition is an additional focus for research with the ARC EoE populations in focus because we are aware that certain groups, including children eligible for free school meals and populations isolated through current ‘shielding’ requirements are likely to struggle to eat an adequate diet during the COVID-19 pandemic’.

Research Opportunity: The impact of coronavirus on food and eating in the East of England

Researchers from across the East of England want to find out how coronavirus and the associated restrictions are affecting how people do everyday activities relating to food, such as shopping, cooking, and eating. We are also interested in how you feel about these changes.

Please see links below to download COVID-19 Food Study Flyer and Participant Information Leaflet