Nicole Jones

Senior Programme Support Officer

Nicole joined the ARC East of England in October 2019; she previously worked as a Senior Research Assistant for the Ageing and Multi-morbidity theme at the University of Hertfordshire (2017-2022). In her current role as Senior Programme Support Officer, Nicole ensures the ARC strategy is managed successfully by maintaining the involvement of stakeholders and themes across the ARC. Nicole works closely with four ARC themes: Ageing and Multi-morbidity; Palliative & End of Life Care; Mental Health across the Life Course, and Inclusive Involvement in Research for Practice Led Health and Social Care. Nicole also facilitates the Stevenage Dementia Involvement Group.

Nicole has a bachelor's degree in Psychology (University of Lincoln) and a Masters degree in Research in Clinical Psychology (University of Hertfordshire). Nicole’s research interests include social networks of people affected by dementia, community engagement work that enables and supports people affected by dementia, and Dementia Friendly Communities.

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