Guidance - ARC Mental Health Fellowship

Documents to be emailed

1. Institutional letter of reference and organisational support

Institutional letters of reference must be submitted on the form provided. The referee should be the your Chief Executive, Clinical Director or someone who can legitimately authorise the use of some of your contracted hours on the ARC fellowship, and can confirm that this time will be protected for fellowship work including attendance at the teaching workshops.

2. Professional Letter of Reference from someone who knows you, stating:

  • The period of time the referee has known you and in what capacity;
  • Your strengths and weaknesses;
  • The calibre of your work and your potential for applied health research, service redesign and evaluation;
  • Any particular qualifications or reasons why you should be selected for an ARC Fellowship.

There is no form for the letter of reference, your referee should use a Word document as an email attachment.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the paperwork from both of your referees is emailed directly to Nicole Jones at on or before Wednesday 30th November 2022. The subject field of the e-mail should include the applicant’s name and “Application for the ARC Mental Health fellowship 2023” e.g. A. N. Applicant: Application for the ARC Mental health fellowship 2023. 

In Summary

The following 3 items must be submitted by the applicant via email to on or before Wednesday 30th November 2022. 

  1. Application form for the mental health fellowship form (download here) 
  2. Curriculum vitae (pdf or Word doc).
  3. Recent passport image or equivalent (jpg file).


The two references must be submitted directly by your referees via email to on or before Wednesday 30th November 2022.

  1. institutional letter of reference and organisational support (download form) and backfill request form (download form) 
  2. professional letter of reference (pdf or Word doc).