Involvement, Engagement and Participation 02.10.2020

What is Prevention?

This is an engagement activity across the EoE region.  We are asking local people and community groups what prevention means to them, in terms of their health, wellbeing or care. 

Status: Ongoing


Prevention and Early Detection in Health and Social Care (PEDHSC) is one of the research themes of the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) for the East of England (EoE). We are working to identify and address ways to support different populations to sustain their health and wellbeing.   We still have a lot of questions about what ‘prevention’ means, as people often have very different experiences and ideas about health, wellbeing and care. 

Project aims 

To explore and collate local understandings of ‘prevention’ to inform our research and engagement activities and display on our website.

Project activity

We are asking local people and community groups what prevention means to them. 

We want to put the answers we get on our website and we would also like to tell people where we got this information from, so we are people who respond if to tell us their first name and the town where they live.  If they like, people can also send a photo of themselves or something important to them and we can put it on the website alongside their answer. 

Potential or actual impact

To increase engagement with communities across the EoE and inform our research priorities. 

Who is involved?

PI Claire Thompson

Researchers and institutions

Jo Morton

University of Hertfordshire 


Claire Thompson