Project MH09

Implementing parent-led CBT within CFYP MH Services

With childhood anxiety disorders and demand on children and young people’s mental health services increasing we have to think differently about how we improve access to and implement evidence-based interventions.


Parent Guided CBT for childhood anxiety (Creswell et al., 2010), is a self-help approach that has been evaluated in NIHR funded randomised controlled trials across various settings with good effects. With parents/carers keen to acquire skills to support their children, improving access to this guided self-help approach shows promise in reducing anxiety in children and empowering parents/carers.


We aimed to improve the rate of implementation of this effective and under-utilised approach and improve the capacity, skills and knowledge for staff to deliver this. We trained 39 clinicians / staff from across 4 organisations in Norfolk & Waveney including 5 clinicians from Great Yarmouth (ARC PIF) in this approach and have initiated a Community of Practice / Supervision monthly group to monitor / support implementation.