Project HEP08

Yoga - Cystic fibrosis

This is a new trial that aims to determine whether online yoga classes for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) could help them in overcoming physical issues such as pain and reduced flexibility, breathlessness, as well as mental health issues such as wellbeing and quality of life.


CF is an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system, which causes lung infections and problems with digesting food. There's currently no cure for the disease but there are a range of treatments which can help control symptoms, prevent or reduce complications, and make the condition easier to live with. Alongside this people with CF are also usually recommended to do some exercise or physical activity regularly as there is some evidence that completing exercise is beneficial for physical and mental health.

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise for many individuals, including those with CF. However, although there is some evidence that yoga is beneficial for physical and mental health issues there is no specific evidence that it helps those with CF.

Project Aims

This large multicentre national trial aims to determine whether yoga is beneficial for people with CF, whether it can be conducted remotely, and whether it is a cost-effective intervention.

Project Activity

We are currently in the set-up phase of the trial, having finalised the protocol and study tools. We anticipate recruiting our first participants during Q4 2023.

Anticipated Output

We hope to determine if yoga is beneficial for this group, and if it can help adults with cystic fibrosis to manage their long-term condition. Proving such interventions work will have a meaningful impact on improving long-term outcomes for CF patients.

Who is involved

PIs - Professor Nicholas Simmonds & Ms Gemma Stanford, Royal Brompton Hospital, London

Pamela Scarborough - Beam Online Yoga Platform

Dr Susan Charman - CF Registry

Drs Adam Wagner & Rory Cameron (corresponding researcher) - UEA


Dr Adam Wagner-

Dr Rory Cameron-