Research Themes

Our ARC partnership is working together to plan and carry out applied research that will make a positive difference to health and social care services, patients and the public.

We are concentrating our research in four ‘populations-in-focus’ (Great Yarmouth and Waveney, Peterborough and Fenland, Stevenage and Thurrock). These are communities where people experience inequalities of income and health and have, until now, had few opportunities to take part in and benefit from applied health research.

We undertake projects focused on mental health, prevention and early detection of health issues, care at the end of life, ageing, managing multiple conditions, vulnerable populations, and ways to link data across services. Our research also looks at the cost-effectiveness of care and treatments, and how we can best involve patients and public in our work.

Our ambition is to undertake world-class applied health research to answer questions relevant to our partners, to provide evidence that has regional as well as national and international impact.