Article 13.08.2020

Survey to Understand Care Home Staff Flu Vaccination Behaviour

The COVID pandemic has demonstrated how vulnerable care homes are to infectious disease. This winter, they potentially face the joint threat of COVID and flu. Given the role care home staff play in transmitting flu (e.g. Hayward et al. 2006), it is critical their vaccination rates are as high as possible.

Unfortunately, there is little data on staff vaccination rates and barriers to uptake. One Public Health England report found that the vaccination was 20% at best (Burki 2018).

A team from the University of East Anglia (led by Dr Amrish Patel, Prof David Wright and Prof Andy Jones) are conducting an anonymous web-based survey to gather evidence. The survey is very short (2-3 minutes long) and includes a chance to win £50.

For further information and to take part in the survey please click the following link:

Please consider circulating the survey to care home colleagues to help gather evidence for this increasingly topical issue.