Article 23.10.2020

PhD opportunity available through Oxford University BRC

Closing date: 9th November 2020

Development of an Environmental Research Readiness Tool for Nurses in the Clinical Setting

About the Project

Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Oxford Institute of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Research


Oxford’s research reputation is unparalleled globally, with an outstanding reputation for healthcare excellence; the Oxford Vaccines Group work during the Covid-19 pandemic is a key example. Nurses are the largest group of healthcare professionals, continually engaged in innovative practice. Nurses have substantial contributions to make in shaping healthcare policy and practice to improve service delivery, patient outcomes and care satisfaction. However, the research contribution of nurses to the healthcare agenda is relatively small in comparison to other healthcare disciplines.

Research active, competent and confident nurses have refined decision-making skills and are well placed to provide reliable information to patients making treatment choices. However, unlike other multidisciplinary team members, nurses are less embedded in the research agenda, with a limited research profile; this reduces their potential to fulfil their research aspirations and contribute to national and international research priority setting processes.


The project aims to increase research activity and capacity among clinical nurses through the development of an Environmental Readiness for Research in Clinical Nursing Settings (ERRCNS) tool.

Further details and application process can be found here.