News & Latest 02.11.2020

Call for projects in the national priority area of Multiple Long-Term Conditions

Under the NIHR ARC National Priorities programme ARC East Midlands are inviting applications for funding from the National ARC Multimorbidity.  Research into multimorbidity has been identified as a priority by the NIHR and funding has been made available to support appropriate research across the country.  

Funding is available to support 1-4 successful projects (Maximum award £500,000 for any individual project). Each ARC can submit a maximum of 2 applications as lead applicant (no limit on being included as a collaborating ARC).

The purpose of this funding is to stimulate the implementation of evidence-based service change in the short-term (within three years), at the supra-regional and/or national level, in high priority areas.

Applications should:

  • be led by an ARC researcher whose ARC acts as the host of the project
  • have the evidenced support of at least one other ARC as well as an Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)
  • bring together other partners to catalyse implementation of service changes at a supra-regional and/or national level (the partners may include NIHR, NHS, industry, local authorities, and others as appropriate)

Successful applications will be able to commence from April 2021 and all should have commenced by September 2021. Projects must complete by the end of September 2023.

The deadline for funding applications is Friday December 11th at 5pm.  

If you have an idea for a project and are interested in applying as part of ARC East of England please contact the Aging and Multimorbidity theme via