News & Latest 11.03.2024

ARC East of England joins pledge to improve public involvement across health and care research

ARC East of England has joined a number of health and social care organisations, including NHS England and the NIHR, in committing to improve the extent and quality of public involvement in research.

In March 2024, we signed up to the Shared Commitment to Public Involvement in Health and Social Care Research. This commitment brings together the Health Research Authority, the NIHR and a host of organisations across the UK to collectively pledge to embed best practice guidance into research and share learning across sectors to ensure that research is inclusive, diverse and values all contributions for meaningful outcomes. 

“At ARC East of England, we aim to ensure a model of public and community involvement that increases meaningful and effective engagement and involvement of diverse groups and that enables collaborative research design and implementation. Signing up to this Shared Commitment strengthens our promise to ensure that public involvement is at the heart of everything we do.

Professor Wendy Wills, NIHR ARC East of England Director

Professor Wendy Wills continues, “Collaborating with organisations across the health and social care research sector further strengthens the message that public involvement is integral across the entire research process and system.”

Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) is a key workstream and an integral part of ARC East of England’s strategic objectives. Joining this commitment highlights our dedication to our established practices for effectively engaging with diverse communities in our research. It also enables knowledge sharing across health and care organisations and sectors to ensure that public involvement in research is standardised and best practices are consistently incorporated. Our Public and Community Involvement, Engagement and Participation (PCIEP) Coordinating Group, which is made up of public contributors and representatives from each of our research themes, reviewed and supported ARC East of England joining the shared pledge. 

“It’s great to have ARC East of England joining our Shared Commitment to Public Involvement in health and social care research. This shared statement, developed with patients, research participants and leaders in health and social care research, will ensure public involvement is embedded across the health and social care research system. The research system is sending the same strong message.

Dr Matt Westmore, Health Research Authority Chief Executive

Dr Matt Westmore continues, "That public involvement is always important, always expected and always possible. The evidence is that better research results from involvement, and better research delivers benefits for patients.”

Learn more about the Shared Commitment to Public Involvement in Health and Social Care Research here.