Knowledge Exchange Seminars: Population Evidence and Data Science Theme

These seminars aim to bring together researchers across the ARC East of England with an interest in better use of health and care data, provide an opportunity to share expertise in different types of data and create a forum to learn and exchange ideas.

  • Topic: Integrated Care Systems and Population Health Management

Tuesday 15th February 2022 

About the seminar:

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are partnerships between the organisations that meet the health and care needs across an area, building on the earlier work through sustainability and transformation partnerships. They have four main objectives: improving population health and healthcare, tackling unequal outcomes and access, enhancing productivity and value for money, and helping the NHS to support broader social and economic development. Population health management (PHM) is seen as a key approach to support ICSs to achieve their objectives, building on the work done across organisations to improve population health and healthcare with the use of linked data. It has been recently highlighted in the NHS 2022/23 priorities and operational planning guidance as an approach to continue developing through working alongside local authorities and other partners. This session will provide an overview of what PHM is, the data and analytical approaches involved, how the insight is used and future implications.

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  • Topic: Using Insight and Intelligence for Agile Public Health Response in Local Government

About the seminar:

In England, responsibility for local public health actions has sat within local government since 2013. Duties of public health teams include protection of the public from harm, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, and ensuring all have access to appropriate healthcare when needing it. This work requires access to big data and high-level analytical expertise but also an ability to translate complex analyses into simple messages that can be used to better understand the needs of our populations and how best to deliver services. This presentation will cover the datasets and approaches we take, with a particular focus on areas for collaboration with universities.


Chrissy Wilson-Lefevre works as an Advanced Public Health Analyst within the Insight & Analytics team at Norfolk County Council. 

Andy Jones has recently joined the public health team at Norfolk County Council, having been an academic in the field of public health for many years. 

  • Topic: DACHA: an overview of the project and the care home trials archive

    About the seminar:

    The NIHR funded DACHA study (Developing research resources and minimum data set for care homes’ adoption and use) is an ARC East of England supported study being led by the University of Hertfordshire. The four-year project started in November 2019 and is divided into five work packages. This presentation will provide a general overview of all DACHA work packages and then will focus specifically on the development of a care home trials archive (Work Package 2).   


    Dr Gizdem Akdur is a research fellow in the NIHR-funded DACHA study (Developing research resources and minimum data set for care homes’ adoption and use) since December 2019.   

    Lisa Irvine is a senior research fellow at the University of Hertfordshire and co-leading Work Package 2 on the DACHA study.

  • Topic: Exploring health inequalities through data

About the seminar:

Exploring health inequalities through data

This talk covered, why use data to understand health inequalities; using cohort data to understand health inequalities and using workforce data to understand inequalities and discussion on how can we maximise the use of data to understand health inequalities.


Dr John Ford, Clinical Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Cambridge and co-lead of the Health Inequalities Pillar of Cambridge Public Health. 

Dr Katie Saunders, Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and statistician at the University of Cambridge Methods Hub.