Event 11.10.2022

Knowledge Exchange Seminar: The Norwich Epidemiology Centre and the NIHR statistics group routine data section

The Knowledge Exchange Seminars aims to bring together researchers across the ARC East of England with an interest in better use of health and care data, provide an opportunity to share expertise in different types of data and create a forum to learn and exchange ideas.

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About this event

Topic: The Norwich Epidemiology Centre and the NIHR statistics group routine data section

Date: Tuesday 11th October 2022

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm

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The Norwich Epidemiology Centre at the University of East Anglia aims to enable researchers to exchange ideas and develop integrative research into population health through epidemiological research. It is a joint venture between UEA’s Norwich Medical School, School of Health Sciences and School of Computing Sciences. This presentation will provide more information about the centre and potential collaboration opportunities, including access we have to a 3-year Clinical Practice Research Datalink licence (access to anonymised primary care records for >63 million patients). 

The NIHR statistics group routine data section aims to provide a networking group for statistical researchers involved in the analysis of electronic health records. This presentation will also introduce the Routine Data section activities including events and providing resources for researchers (not necessarily statisticians nor involved in NIHR!) to share experience on issues such as routine data access and linkage, coding, and analysis. 


Dr Kathryn Richardson is a senior research fellow in the Norwich Epidemiology Centre at the University of East Anglia and co-leads the NIHR statistics group routine data section. Her research focusses on the application of pharmacoepidemiology methodology in the analysis of electronic health record and cohort study data to examine the patterns and consequences of medication use in older people. Dr Richardson is currently an Alzheimer’s Society research fellow, leading a project aiming to refine her earlier work into the impact of anticholinergic bladder medications on dementia incidence. Previously she led an Alzheimer’s Society funded project on anticholinergic medications and benzodiazepines, conducted an NIHR funded project on medications for sleep disturbance in dementia and has co-authored 50 articles in peer-review journals.  Kathryn has expertise in the analysis of electronic medical records, particularly CPRD and HES, as well as considerable experience with MRC CFAS and TILDA.