Event 18.03.2024

Ethics in Patient and Public Involvement (PPI): A collaborative workshop for ARC East of England researchers and PPI members

Patient and Public Involvement needs to be a good and safe experience for everyone involved. What are the ethical issues in ensuring this is the case? How will PPI be responsive to peoples' values and issues in building PPI relationships?

About this event

This is an online collaborative workshop to consider a shared understanding for ARC East of England researchers and PPI members, and to build relationships across themes, helping us all to take forward our commitment to inclusive involvement in research.

This facilitated online workshop is organised for ARC East of England researchers and PPI only:

  • To learn about Ethics in PPI from the experience of working and learning together.
  • To provide a safe, supported space where people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives can find practical ways of working together as equals to share knowledges.
  • To help people reflect on their own ideas, attitudes and experience of Ethics in PPI in order to grow in understanding¬†
  • To co-produce and agree on potential approaches to Ethics in PPI based on the experience and learning from doing it in the workshop.


When: Monday 18 March 2024, first session: 10:30 - 12:00 and second session: 13:30 - 15:00

Where: Virtual event

Who should attend?

This event is open to ARC East of England researchers and PPI only.

To register, please contact Jurgen Grotz (j.grotz@uea.ac.uk).