Event 21.07.2023

DACHA Webinar Series: Lunchtime Webinar 1

The DACHA (Developing resources and minimum data set for care homes’ adoption) study are delighted to host a new lunchtime webinar series consisting of four webinars. In each webinar, we will have 3-4 presentations around specific DACHA topic areas. All researchers have strong links with the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration and are based at one of the DACHA study's partner universities.


Webinar 1

Friday 21 July 2023. 12:00-13:30.

The first webinar will be about Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of care home based research: Shifting the balance- enabling care home staff and residents to be partners and leaders in research. 

Chair: Julienne Meyer


  • Evidence review and uptake: Sarah Kelly (University of Cambridge), Guy Peryer (University of East Anglia) and Karen Spilsbury (University of Leeds)
  • Care home trials archive: what questions interest care home staff and researchers? Lisa Irvine (University of Hertfordshire). 
  • Resident and staff engagement with research questions: Anne Killett (University of East Anglia)

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Who should attend? 

The webinar will be of interest to researchers and people working in, with and for care homes. 

Watch the recording below: 

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