Michael Hornberger


Michael Hornberger

Michael is the Professor of Applied Dementia Research at the Norwich Medical School and the Associate Dean of Innovation, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  His research focuses on improving diagnosis, disease progression tracking and symptom management in dementia. 

His research group employs various research methodologies (clinical, cognition, sensor technology, neuroimaging and genetics) as well as disease interventions (pharmacological and non-pharmacological) for their research studies.  His current research is particularly focused on spatial orientation and navigation deficits in dementia and how this has an impact on people's outdoor activities such as driving and walking safely. 

Michael is originally from Germany but gravitated soon to England where he did his PhD at University College London before working at Cambridge University.  He spent six years in Sydney (Australia) before returning to Cambridge and finally arriving at UEA in November 2015.  In his spare time he loves listening to Jazz, playing passionately - though badly - the violin and going cycling. 

Key Research Interests and Expertise

  • Ageing and Dementia
  • Cognitive test development
  • Novel assessment technologies
  • Neuroimaging