News & Latest 16.11.2023

ARC East of England researchers publish their expert guidance in new books

Researchers at the NIHR ARC East of England and Cambridge University have contributed two new textbooks to the psychiatry canon,  published today.

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The books were produced in collaboration between Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT), the University of Cambridge Department of Psychiatry, international expert Dr Stephen Stahl, and Cambridge University Press & Assessment.

Dr Sepehr Hafizi (pictured left) is a former research fellow with ARC East of England, consultant psychiatrist for CPFT’s Mulberry acute mental health wards and lead editor for the Cambridge Prescriber’s Guide in Psychiatrydeveloped with CPFT psychiatry and pharmacy colleagues and University of Cambridge (UoC) medical students.

Sepehr said: “Thank you to everyone who helped to write the prescriber’s guide, which draws together current best practice and psychiatry expertise to support safe and effective prescribing of medications for mental health conditions.

"Insights gained over many clinical hours and decades have been distilled in this book, and all the authors are delighted to see this knowledge shared to help improve care and services."


Dr Sepehr Hafizi, lead editor and former ARC East of England fellow

This book began life during Sepehr’s research fellowship project with ARC East of England, which gave him the skills and support to create and evaluate educational programmes to support psychopharmacological treatment of mental disorders.

Professor Peter Jones (pictured centre), co-editor and former ARC East of England Director said: “I have very much enjoyed collaborating with him, with Dr Stahl, the other editors and the terrific group of Cambridge medical students to produce what we hope will be essential references to support psychiatry prescribers worldwide.

"It’s wonderful to see Sep’s achievements since his fellowship which was innovative at the time for its focus on knowledge translation, dissemination and implementation."


Professor Peter Jones, co-editor and former ARC East of England Director

Applications for the ARC East of England research and implementation fellowships in 2024 are welcomed from health, social care and voluntary sector professionals by Thursday 30 November, to start their research journeys and shape the future of health and social care.

Peter also co-edited the Cambridge Textbook of Neuroscience for Psychiatristswhich involved the Royal College of Psychiatrists, with UoC Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry and researcher Mary-Ellen Lynall, who is leading groundbreaking studies with CPFT investigating the links between inflammation and common mental health disorders like depression.

Mary-Ellen (pictured right) said: “This book is unique in being focused on the aspects of neuroscience which are relevant to mental health professionals. Why do psychiatric symptoms present as they do? How is neuroscience changing our approach to mental health and treatment? And what can’t we make sense of yet, given our current understanding of the brain? The book is intended as a helpful and thought-provoking resource for psychiatrists, researchers and any health professionals interested in the neuroscience behind psychiatric symptoms, collating all the major developments and recent discoveries in one text. It also aligns with the new Royal College of Psychiatrists neuroscience syllabus, so will be particularly helpful for trainees.”

The two books will be presented at an exclusive book signing before the prestigious Paykel Lecture held in Cambridge next week, where guests can meet the authors, discuss mental health clinical practice and research ideas, and enjoy some refreshments.

Everyone is welcome to attend this year’s Paykel Lecture at the McGrath Centre at St Catherine’s College, on Thursday 23 November 2023, from 4.30pm. Professor Tamsin Ford, Head of the Department of Psychiatry at Cambridge University will be introducing Dr Stephen Stahl from the Universities of California Riverside and San Diego, to give the lecture on the future of psychopharmacology and how scientific discoveries have found new targets to treat and improve mental health therapies.

Download the brochure for more details and register for the event online here.