Eastfeed : using evidence to increase the rates of breastfeeding by involving fathers, partners and the wider community

Implementation Fellow:  

Jo Creaser

Project aims and progress: 

The available research evidence reinforces the better involvement of fathers as a means of increasing the uptake of breast feeding.

This project builds on evidence-based initiatives that suggest digital interventions as well as face-to-face interactions may help secure a father’s active support for breast feeding.  The project is being co-produced with new fathers and mothers in Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

The early stages of the project entailed a review of the evidence base, including discussion with three different authors of evidence-informed digital interventions.

The next stage, a workstream entitled 'Engaging Fathers’, was put on hold due to the Covid19 pandemic.  Meetings with the steering group, stakeholders and fathers were cancelled. Communications with stakeholders about the project ceased for several weeks and a number of previously engaged potential participants became lost to follow up. However, more recently, two video conferencing events invited fathers to offer their views and guide the project. Two new dads and a small group of mothers are currently offering their expertise about engaging fathers with breastfeeding, and their views will feed into the project design as it recommences.