Developing models of implementation in CYP MH. Implementation of parent-delivered CBT for childhood anxiety in schools

Implementation Fellow:

Dr Tim Clarke

Project aims and progress:

This project aims to translate an evidence-based parent-delivered CBT based intervention for childhood anxiety into a primary school federation in Norfolk.  

We have used implementation models and knowledge to build relationships and agree an implementation plan by engaging pastoral staff, senior leadership, voluntary sector NHS and UEA Health and Social Care Partners. We had developed an evaluation plan and trained 12 pastoral and schools senior leads in the intervention model prior to Covid19 disrupting the face-to-face delivery of this intervention adapted, to be delivered in groups. We have continued to engage with schools during closures and have now adapted our implementation plan for virtual 1:1 delivery with supervision sessions planned and intervention due to commence October / November 2020. In addition, the implementation fellow continues to utilise knowledge from the fellowship teaching to implement evidence-based interventions aimed to improve mental health services for children and young people. This has included the rapid implementation of a new self-harm pathway in response to Covid19 and the planned rollout of a brief sleep intervention.