Andrée le May


Photo of Andree le May

Andrée is working with John Gabbay as the joint ARC Implementation Lead.  Her longstanding focus on research implementation began in 1986 as Specialist Nurse for R&D, a role created to move research into practice across NHS professional groups, specialties and organisations. Staying close to practice through research, service development and education, she has since then taught/mentored postgraduate students in knowledge management/mobilisation, change-management and clinical leadership. Her research expertise focuses on developing and evaluating implementation techniques especially communities of practice, co-producing evidence-based practice/policy change and researching quality improvement skills.  She is Professor Emerita of Nursing at the University of Southampton, Honorary Visiting Senior Fellow at the Institute of Public Health in Cambridge, Editor-in-Chief for the National Institute of Health Research’s Health Services and Delivery Research, Public Health and Programme Grants for Applied Research journals and co-editor of the Journal of Research in Nursing.