Isabel Clare

Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Dr Isabel Clare is a consultant clinical and forensic psychologist, working with the core ARC team and based in Cambridge. After a long period working in clinical services for people with intellectual (learning) disabilities, she now works in CPFT’s specialist autism diagnostic service. Her research interests focus around:  (i) dementia in people with Down’s Syndrome (on a project led by Dr Shahid Zaman, and funded by the USA’s National Institutes of Health); (ii) moral, everyday, and legally significant decision-making by people with intellectual disabilities; and (iii) suspects, defendants, and victims with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system. She is an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry; a Fellow and Tutor at Lucy Cavendish College; a member of the NIHR’s Research for Patient Benefit Scheme (East Anglia) funding panel; and a long-standing member of the University of Cambridge’s Psychology Research Ethics Committee.